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Magnetic Separation

MS Series Magnetic Separator Conveyor

REM® offers a series of magnetic separators and conveyors to meet the needs of recycling buyback centers and processors. The MS series represents an outstanding value with quality construction and low maintenance features.

Heavy steel construction and the highest quality components in the industry make the MS series ready for rugged service requirements. Load cans into the receiving hopper for visual inspection and debris removal. A 16" or 24" conveyor belt carries the cans over a powerful magnetic head pulley to automatically remove steel cans and tramp ferrous materials while the aluminum cans fall into a container or other processing equipment.

REM® magnetic separators will reliably process aluminum and steel cans for years because every design aspect is continuously examined and upgraded to give you the finest machine available today. The MS series is a proven veteran that is built to stream line your operation and increase profits. REM®'s straightforward design and construction simplify maintenance and reduce down time.

REM®'s flexibility makes it easy to find the machine that will fit your needs. Whether it' separation or transfer, the MS series gives the performance, versatility and the value you deserve.

MS Magnetic Separator

Crossbelt Separator

REM®'s CBS Crossbelt Magnetic Separator is a versatile plate magnet that is supplied with lifting eyes for suspension over REM®'s SC Sorting Conveyor*, TRC Transfer Conveyor, or other conveyor units.

The unique design of our plate magnet in the CBS enables it to have a pulling range of 15" to easily handle the larger cans found in today's recycling markets. Our CBS will help you achieve a cleaner sort by eliminating picker error and fatigue, and increase your profits. Available in five models, REM®'s CBS crossbelt will efficiently handle up to a 60" wide conveyor system.

*For applications using the SC Conveyor we recommend a stainless steel section under the crossbelt magnetic separator for superior separating results.

CBS Series Magnetic Seperator

Eddy Current Separator

REM’s® model ECS Eddy Current Separator is a distinct design which will maximize your recovery of non-ferrous material from your Material Recovery stream.

The unique design of the rotor produces strong eddy currents and repelling forces for maximum product separation. The eddy current system used to separate aluminum, die-cast metal and copper from nonmetallic materials. Lightweight nonferrous metals are highly conductive and easiest to separate with our large usable magnetic field.

Based on your volume and system configuration, we can select an eddy current model to suit your application. If you are looking to get the most from your product stream, an REM Eddy Current separator can be one of your most profitable pieces of equipment. Start generating increased income from the sale of recovered nonferrous metals. Reduce the man-hours used to separate your high value nonferrous metal.

Eddy Current Separator

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